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  • 100% natural components
  • Frames guaranteed for 30 years
  • Exceeds all commercial Fire Rating requirements
  • Fully removable and washable covers
  • Bespoke sizing available
  • Manufacturing in UK and Australia
  • High volume capacity
  • C.O.M. facility on all items
  • CAD files available for all pieces


We’re proud to say that at Maker&Son, we produce 100% natural furniture.

Each piece is handmade to a very high specification including: sustainably sourced hardwood frame (guaranteed for 30 years), a handmade sprung base, wool and cotton padding, natural latex, ethically sourced feathers, jute webbing and stainless steel zips. All of this stitched together by hand with cotton thread and buttons. No Velcro, no plastics, nothing but natural materials.

Our upholstered furniture comes with loose covers meaning that our customers can clean them whenever they want, lengthening the life of the piece. What’s more, customers can order more than one set of covers, so they can update the look, instead of the whole piece of furniture. And yes, we are happy to make covers in any suitable upholstery fabric that you would like to specify.

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Doing things differently

The past few decades have seen the world of furniture become fashion led, with a race to creating ever cheaper products in both the contract and retail markets.  The result is that most upholstered furniture is made from plastics, foam, ply and soft wood, stapled together. These materials and constructions don’t last and don’t do the environment any favours – over 600,000 tonnes of furniture ended up in UK landfill last year…

Clients across all areas of the contract market are increasingly aware of these issues. The hugely positive reaction we are having to our Maker&Son range across the contract market is testament to this awareness and commitment to doing things differently.

We take a totally different approach to designing and making our furniture. We took two years of development to get every detail perfect and a lifetime of developing furniture to reach the point where we felt ready to launch this range. We believe in products that will last and designs that won’t ever look dated and a build quality that ensures our customers love our furniture for decades.


The world’s most comfortable chairs

There's really nothing that can quite prepare you for the first time you sit back in one of our chairs... think of gently lowering yourself into a nest of delicious down filled pillows and you'll begin to understand what awaits you! Honestly, it's the most heavenly comfortable experience...

For us, comfort is much more than making something soft. Comfort embodies the feeling we all deserve when we want to relax; comfortable to be in, comfortable to live with, comfortable to just be.

Once your clients have sat in one of our chairs, chances are that not only will they love you for finding them, they’ll want some for their homes as well!

Stuffing the pillows.jpg


With its luxurious proportions, the Song Armchair is a wonderful 1.5 seater, total relaxation for 1 or a soft lovely nest for a couple.

We are currently selling these to hotels and spas that are looking to provide their customers with a ‘next-level’ of comfort, both within rooms as well as public seating areas.

transparrent armchair.png

song SOFA

Sitting in the Song Sofa is like a welcoming embrace from an old friend.  Whether it’s in a reception or break out area, it’s the perfect place to have a quiet conversation or simply relax. The Song Sofa is the perfect piece to add a special level of comfort to any environment. As with all our furniture, it can be covered in any suitable upholstery fabric of your choice.

transparrent sofa.png


Due to the immense popularity of the Song Armchair, we developed a smaller and more upright version, one that was suitable for almost any location. Wren is perfect for any environment where extra comfort is seen as a priority. It looks heavenly in the fringes of any room, and can even be used around a table for the most delicious meals or meetings! With a limitless choice of fabrics and your choice of wood for legs, this chair is truly an upholstered chameleon.

Petit chair


Our lovely footstool truly transforms the Song Armchair into a place of world class comfort. The footstool also happily sits in front of the Song Sofa to make a pleasing 'L' shape. 

transparrent footstool.png