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We are Maker&Son

Founded by Alex Willcock and Felix Conran, Maker&Son we have two manufacturing facilities, one based near Cheltenham in the UK and the other in Melbourne, Australia. Both manufacturers have been making high quality upholstery for the contract and domestic markets for over 30 years. 

We’ve had the most wonderful feedback from people and customers all over the world about the Song range. It’s so rewarding to see that our new approach to doing things is so appreciated! Here are the main points:

  • 100% natural components - every single piece made from natural materials
  • Built to last a lifetime - handmade to the very highest standards
  • Unbelievably comfortable - you’ll have never sat in anything like them
  • Our business model is very straightforward - we design beautiful products made to the very highest standards from 100% natural materials.




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Style that doesn't end up in landfill

Why contribute to the 600,000 tonnes of furniture landfill in the UK per year? So much of this waste is generated by furniture, that is built from non-sustainable materials and not designed to last.

We place comfort above style, as we believe being comfortable will never be out of fashion. All of our products are all fitted with removable covers so that customers can update the look of their pieces without replacing the whole piece of furniture.



Built to last

Most mid-high end furniture available on the contract and retail market is made from similar materials as cheaper furniture; namely plastic-based foams and other plastic based materials, plywood and softwoods frames - all hidden by a fabric-wrapped skin, fastened with a mass of staples of various sizes holding it all together.

Our furniture is vastly different, our sustainably sourced hardwood frames are guaranteed for 30 years. We use no synthetic materials, all our furniture is 100% natural. All our feathers are ethically sourced, and our covers are all removable so they can be washed easily.



Re-defining value

The existing furniture business model hasn’t changed much in decades – there are still large and expensive retail locations, that mark up 300% to 400% from cost. This quest for 'good value' has forced the hand of manufacturers to be producing products cheaper and cheaper, as a result of the retailers refusing to lower their overheads.

By contrast, we keep our overheads to a minimum and sell directly to our customers which means we are able to sell an exceptionally high quality product for a mid market price.


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Alex Willcock

Alex trained as a furniture designer and cabinet maker over 30 years ago and set up a chain of retail stores in Australia in the early 1990’s (yes, last century!) and then ran the buying and creative teams at the Conran Shop Group before starting his own creative agency in 2000. He sold that in 2006 and spent 10 years running a digital marketing agency before founding Maker&Son 2 years ago with Felix.


Felix Conran

Felix is a designer, artist and cookery writer. He attended Central Saint Martins where he formed his first design firm with fellow students. He Left St Martins in 2015 and has been running his own businesses since. A design consultancy, Felix Conran ltd, a fashion brand, C-L-O-T-H, a cook book ,Ecstasy, an event venue called Hello Sixy, and of course Maker&Son.